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My name is Ali and I love to build things. I started from being a self-taught coder to a full-time entrepreneur. I co-founded MindOrks, which was one of the largest Android learning platforms. Currently, I am building CuriousJr to bring tech education to kids.
Janishar Ali

My Journey

  • 2023
    Associate Vice President PhysicsWallah

    Scaling CuriousJr & building next-gen education

    CuriousJr Acquisition by PhysicsWallah

  • 2020
    Co-Founded CuriousJr (Acquired by PW)

    Building coding for kids on mobile

    $1M Seed Round | 50 Team Members | 3M Users

  • 2019
    Launched AfterAcademy

    Coding practice platform for MindOrks

    500K Monthly Visits

  • 2019

    Moved fulltime for MindOrks

    3M Developer | Learners 6X Salary | $400K Revenue

  • 2018

    Senior Android Developer

    Created Native Database

  • 2017
    Co-Founded MindOrks

    Largest Android Learning Platform

    Highest GitHub Stars India

  • 2016

    Became popular author in tech

    20M Times Read

  • 2016

    Started creating opensource softwares

    50+ Libraries

  • 2015
    Bobble Keyboard

    Android and Computer Vision Developer

    Photos into Cartoon Stickers

  • 2010

    Civil Engineering 5yr Dual Degree

    Found Coding Passion | Met Friends For Life

My Lessons & Tutorials

OpenSource Projects

I create learning projects on Android, NodeJs, ReactJs, and new frameworks.

Learning Videos

I create learning videos to explain complex and important software concepts in simple words.

Tech Blogs

I write tutorials and lessons for Backend, Frontend, Mobile, System Design, and Machine Learning

My Updates

I regularly post my new initiatives as well as my opinions on the evolving tech world.